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Εξοπλισμός έργων περιβάλλοντος και βιοαερίου

Πυρσοί βιοαερίου Σειρά HOFGAS

Πυρσοί βιοαερίου Σειρά HOFGAS

The gases in landfill sites,and in the anaerobic digestion of refuses, municipal sludge or industrial and animal waste, make a considerable contribution to the greenhouse effect and also pose significant health and safety risks. On the other hand, they are often rich in methane gas and thus represent a potential energy carrier.

Our biogas flares are installed in all plants where biogas is present, and their mission is to burn off safely gas that is not utilized for energy production, to burn the surplus gas not used in the utilization process and to keep the environment safe whenever the gas utilization plant is shut down or becomes defective.

Further to our special solutions we can provide for the treatment of combustible process gases in the industry (mining, offgases in petrochemical industry and other), our main product lines are:

  • Landfill gas collection and flaring systems
  • Biogas flares for digestion processes (municipal sludge, an-digestion of solid waste, an digestion of animal and industrial waste)

Landfill gas collection and flaring systems

The HOFGAS- high temperature gas flares, including the well known SPARKY, READY EFFICIENCY configurations, provide safe and environmentally friendly high temperature combustion of landfill gas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements.

  • Efficient combustion of landfill gas
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Combustion temperature 1,000 – 1,200°C
  • Residence time more than 0.3 s
  • Insulated combustion chamber
  • Compatible with projects for gas utilization

The standard flare units can handle biogas flowrates up to 2,500Nm3/h with burner capacity up to 12,500kW or more for customized systems.
sparky lf

Our flare units include gas suction blowers, devises for the removal of condensate, filters, flame arresters and gas analyzers for the protection against explosion risk, and all necessary control, instrumentation and monitoring. The systems are PLC controlled and follow the stringest ATEX and quality requirements.

Further to the supply of the gas flaring system, we can also advise and support on the design and installation of the landfill gas collection system, as well as supply gas well heads, condensate traps and gas collecting stations.


Biogas flares for anaerobic digestion systems

IFL1C - Standard gas flare for gasholder operation

For standard biogas and wastewater treatment plants.

Ideal in combination with gasholder operation and gas systems with constant pressure ratios. Thanks to concealed combustion, the HOFGAS-IFL1c flare attains more than 99% combustion efficiency. The captivating aspect of the biogas flare is its straightforward design, combined with the latest safety technology.

  • Standard biogas flare
  • For gasholder operation
  • Concealed flare
  • Combustion efficiency >99%
  • High standards of safety

Biogas flowrates up to 1,000Nm3/h with burner capacity up to 7,000kW

ifl biogas

IFL4C - Biogas flaring system for increased demands

Customised HOFGAS-IFL4c biogas gas flaring system is deployed when most stringent regulations on gas emission must be observed.

The system is simple to operate and adjust, and starts reliably. The high temperature flare for biogas comes with the latest safety technology.

  • Exhaust emission levels are kept within current regulations.
  • Customised solutions for hazardous gases
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Emission levels are kept within current regulations
  • Concealed, high temperature combustion
  • High safety standard

Biogas flowrates up to 4,000Nm3/h with burner capacity up to 32,000kW




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