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Πολυβάθμιοι φυγοκεντρικοί φυσητήρες Σειρά CM

Πολυβάθμιοι φυγοκεντρικοί φυσητήρες Σειρά CM

Multistage centrifugal blowers for air and gases

  • Pressure up to 950 mbar (g)
  • Vacuum up to 450mbar (g)
  • Flowrate up to 3,600 m³ / h

Principle of operation

One stage of a MAPRO® multistage centrifugal blower is generally made of:
  • An intake duct conveying the gas to the impeller inlet, which is coaxial to the shaft
  • A closed impeller with axial flow inlet and radial flow exit;
  • A radial diffuser, whose aim is to convert kinetic energy into static pressure at the impeller exit
  • A discharge volute

Actually, a centrifugal blower is always used in the multistage configuration. The gas is sucked into the first stage through an inlet volute, every next single stage is linked to the former one through a return channel, and a discharge volute collects the gas from the exit of the last stage delivering it to the outlet pipe. The impellers are built with radial exit blades or backward facing blades. The radial blades allow the achievement of a higher compression ratio, whilst the impellers with backward facing blades, at fixed speed of rotation and for the same differential pressure, produce a characteristic curve with a much wider stable range.


Main construction features:

  • Heads, intermediate sections, bearing housings and caps made of cast iron; shaft in carbon steel; impellers made completely of spark proof aluminium alloy
  • Heads and intermediate sections sealed
  • Shaft sealing by special double-lip seals which do not require lubrication
The blowers are always coupled to the electric motor via belt drives and the safety drive guards are made from spark-free material. The combination of different impeller types, the possibility to match several stages in series, and the wide speed of rotation range allow to cover, with only one machine frame, a very large range of duty. Electric motors, depending on the application, can be flameproof, Ex-d IIB T3 or Ex-nA II T3. In some particular cases, the multistage centrifugal blowers can be fitted with lip seals in pairs, with a barrier fluid in between. Besides, all the static parts wetted by the gas can be treated with a protective coating using a nickel-plating chemical technique and the impellers can be treated with anodic oxidation.
The main advantages of using MAPRO® multistage centrifugal blowers are:
  • Easy installation
  • Low noise level
  • No vibration
  • Pulsation free gas flow
  • No gas contamination
  • Minimal maintenance
The most common fields of application
  • Landfill biogas recovery to feed torch or burner
  • Tank, plant or contaminated soil gas recovery to feed torch or burner
  • Aeration of tanks
The typical “flow rate – pressure” curve is much more flat than the performance curve of a side channel blower and this peculiarity makes the MAPRO® multistage centrifugal blowers the ideal machines for many applications in which the gas flow rate vary, even considerably, in time. In short, the operating point moves by simply following the internal characteristic curve of the blower.
Complete range of accessories:
  • Gas-tight filters
  • Stainless steel flanged flexible connection bellows
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers
  • Pressure switches and temperature switches
  • Pressure and temperature transducers
  • Manual and automatic cut-off valves
  • Acoustic enclosures



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