Protecting Your Investment




By trusting our specialized personel for the repair of your equipment you safeguard to the optimum
degree its life expectancy and performance, because:
  • It is in the hands of the one who knows and cares your product more than anybody else
  • We use only original spare parts perfectly adapted for longer life expectancy
  • Our operator is in direct cooperation with the manufacturer to resolve problems encountered


Our Service department has particularly long experience among others in the repair of:


Rotary lobe blowers
  • Spares on stock
  • More than 20 years of experience in repairs
  • Deep knowledge of the problems, thanks to the large existing installed base of thousands of machines




Side channel blowers


  • Quick response
  • Testing after repair




Rotary vane vacuum pumps


  • Special attention to thorough cleaning
  • Testing after repair
  • Measurement of final vacuum




Liquid ring vacuum pumps


  • Decades of experience
  • Diagnosis of failures
  • Handling of cavitation issues






Progressive cavity pumps


  • Stator failure diagnosis
  • Repair of shaft sealing
  • Repair of drive shaft joints